Referral Pathways

When you receive whoever comes into the space of Now as a noble guest, when you allow each person to be as they are, they begin to change.” - Eckhart Tolle


You may self-refer, as you do not need a GP referral to see me for consultations.

GP Mental Health Treatment Plan

Better Access to Mental Health Care is an Australian Department of Health & Ageing Initiative to improve early intervention, assessment and treatment of mental health conditions. If you wish to explore this pathway, it is necessary to contact your GP, requesting a long consultation for a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan. Based on your GP’s assessment of your mental health, your GP may make the decision to refer you for psychological services.

In order to access Medicare rebates for FPS psychology services, the GP Mental Health Treatment Plan must be completed by your GP and you must have a GP referral letter to a Psychologist. You can access/claim 10 Medicare rebates per calendar year (January to December), providing your GP considers you eligible and writes referrals. After the first set of six sessions, I am required to provide a brief progress report to your GP. You are required to return to your referring GP for a mental health review, where your GP may refer you again for a further four sessions. Gap fees are not claimable under your private health insurance, but do contribute towards the Medicare Safety Net Threshold.

Private Health Insurance

If you have Private Health Insurance with Extras Cover that covers psychology, you may be eligible to receive a rebate. You can access details regarding your cover, including the amount of rebate, by contacting your fund directly. You do not require a doctor’s referral to see me for consultations to claim a rebate on your Private Health Insurance.

Non-directive Pregnancy Support Counselling

Pregnancy support counselling through the Medicare scheme is available for females with a current or recent pregnancy (within the last 12 months) who have any concerns, such as decisions about the future, adjustment following the pregnancy, or general issues related to a pregnancy. Partners can also attend the counselling session, if appropriate.

Pregnancy support counselling offered by psychologists, such as myself, is supportive, non- judgmental, confidential and unbiased. Psychologists using this Medicare item are trained to support a female through pregnancy-related issues, and to provide information about the options and services relevant to her pregnancy concerns.

A referral to this service results from a GP assessing that a female has concerns that would benefit from sessions with a psychologist who is eligible, as I am, to provide pregnancy support counselling services. The referral may consist of a letter or note to the psychologist. GPs are not required to use a specific form or plan.